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International Container Transport

Container Transportation is the transportation type that has the highest share in Turkey as well as in the whole world, both in terms of the value of the goods to be transported and due to its reasonable freight prices. More than 80 percent of Turkey's foreign trade is provided by international container transportation. Master Global Logistics serves as both a maritime freight agency and a freight forwarder and logistics service provider in international container transportation.

We offer FCL-LCL services to all International Ports, FCL Domestic services, Port to Port delivery, Reliable and Timely Delivery.
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Express CargoDoor to Door Quick Service

TWe Provide You with a Perfect Service by Producing Fast Solutions at the Most Affordable Cost with our Express Cargo Service to All International Airports.

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Container TransportFCL-LCL Services to International Ports

Complete and Partial Import-Export Transportation and Personal Goods Transportation to International Ports by Container Transportation.

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Storage ServicesSafe and Convenient Storage

You can store your goods or products for which you will create a logistics plan, at an affordable cost, by determining an Optional Time.

Convention Marchandises Routiers

What is the CMR ( Convention Marchandises Routiers ) that we will meet most in logistics ?

It is a road transport document used by countries that accept the provisions of the international CMR (Convention Marchandises Routiers) agreement and shows that the transport is carried out according to the provisions of the CMR. Issued by the freight broker or shipping company on behalf of the buyer. It is a legal evidence showing that the goods have been received in good condition to be transported under the specified conditions and that the contract of carriage has been made. It does not represent ownership of the goods. It is issued in three original copies. The first is given to the shipper, the second accompanies the goods, and the third remains with the carrier.

  • * Import-Export Company Names and Company Addresses
  • * Place and Date of Loading
  • * Type of Goods and Place of Delivery
  • * Package Type and Number, Gross Weight
  • * Delivery Method and All Vehicle Information etc.

Swift ve BIC nedir ?

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

Swift, short for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication; It is a system that provides an electronic fund transfer standard among banks all over the world. This system identifies each bank thanks to the BIC (Bank Identifier Codes) code. The Swift system was established in 1973 and actually started working in 1977.

Swift consists of an 8 or 11 digit code indicating the bank. Swift codes are standard in the entire world banking system.

In other words, in international money transfers; Saying Ziraat Bank of the Republic of Turkey may not work for money transfers, but when TCZBTR2A is mentioned, it will be understood that the account to which the money will go is T.C Ziraat Bankası from Turkey.

Bank Identifier Codes

BIC numbers are determined by the name of the bank's establishment and the city in which it is located. The centers and units of each financial institution can have one or more BIC codes according to the work they do. The codes and messages entered by the operators via a computer are transmitted to the counter bank with the help of a special network.

What are the General Trailer Dimensions?

Mega Hanging Trailer
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.95 m / Volume : 98 m3

Hanger Truck Trailer
Truck | Length : 8.10 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.95 m / Volume : 112 m3
Trailer | Length : 7.10 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.95 m / Volume : 90 Askı

Box Trailer
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.70 m / Volume : 90 m3

Tilt Truck Trailer
Truck | Length : 7.80 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 3.00 m / Volume : 110 m3
Trailer | Length : 7.30 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 3.00 m

Düz Tilt
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.70 m / Volume : 90 m3

Mega Tilt
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 3.00 m / Volume : 100 m3

What is Intermodal Transport?

International Intermodal Transport is a form of transport that is completed using at least two different modes of transport. We offer our customers the most suitable and most environmentally friendly solution in the shortest possible transit times by reducing logistics costs.

The most basic intermodal mode of transport used is as follows;

  • Highway + RO-RO + Railroad
  • Highway + Railroad

The destination location of the cargo, urgency, weather conditions and economic factors determine which form will be applied.

In international logistics, an average of 2500 km is covered in road transport between TR-Istanbul and DE-Hamburg. However, with the Intermodal mode of transport, only 150 km is made on the highway. Based on this, fossil fuel consumption is reduced and carbon emissions are greatly reduced.

What is CMR Insurance?

International Highway Goods Transportation Insurance

CMR Insurance; It guarantees the legal responsibilities arising from the CMR Agreement of the transport companies engaged in international road transport, with the conditions and limits specified in the policy.

CMR Insurance Terms:

  • Must be transported by road
  • Loading and stacking must be in two separate countries
  • Must be an international transport with at least one country party to the CMR
  • The thing to be carried must be the goods
  • There must be a debt/credit relationship arising from the goods carriage contract.


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